Zebra CS3070 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner - Bluetooth connection to apps on iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Zebra CS3070 1D/Bluetooth(Cordless) Scanner for iPad, iPhone and Android

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Cost-effective mobile 1D Laser Scanning

Enable anywhere anytime cost-effective mobile 1D laser scanning

 The innovative Zebra CS3000 Series enables enterprises to easily implement 1D laser scanning where either mobility or the cost and size of a traditional scanning device is an inhibitor. The tiny device is affordably priced and fits in a pocket or on a lanyard.

 The CS3000 can be utilized in standalone mode for the batch scanning of bar codes, while the CS3070 offers batch mode as well as real-time bar code data transmission to a host application via a wireless Bluetooth® connection to smartphones, laptops and more. Managing the data in batch mode is easy. Once connected to a host, the batch data can be configured for automatic transfer to an application. Since captured scans are placed in a user-definable standard ASCII file type, the information can be easily utilized to populate order forms, spreadsheets and inventory lists. The results are a new level of affordability for 1D scanning — and the ability to streamline, error-proof and simplify more business processes.



Brings a new level of affordability to mobile 1D scanning

• With its low price point, the CS3000 Series expands mobile scan capability to a broader audience. Employees in the field have access to the technology they need at a cost-effective price point for their company.

Improves worker productivity with a minimal investment

• The CS3000 Series features high-performance Zebra scanning technology, enabling workers of all experience levels to easily capture bar codes on the first attempt.

• By extending bar code scanning to more worker types and business processes, the CS3000 Series reduces the administrative burden of paper forms and documentation — ensuring that workers can get more done in a day.

Reduces the complexity of data capture

• The CS3000 Series seamlessly fits into any existing workflow. With both Bluetooth real-time transfer (CS3070) and batch mode, customers can choose where, when and how information is downloaded and retrieved. – In Bluetooth mode, the CS3070 works with smartphones and consumer-grade PDAs that may already be deployed within your customer’s mobile workforce. – In batch mode, the CS3000 can store over 1 million time date stamped bar codes in addition to having a 24-hour battery life.


Zebra CS3070 1D Bluetooth Barcode scanner Wireless


What's In The Box
  • Zebra CS3070 Scanner
  • USB Cable (Charging Cable)
  • Scanner Battery


If you want to scan any type of barcodes(including QR codes) or need to scan barcodes on mobile screen, 2D version of CS3070 is > click here for the CS4070 2D scanner.  >>> Why would I use 2D barcode scanners?

Zebra CS3070 scanner specifications

  • Drop Tolerance: 4.5 inches/ 114.3.cm to concrete.
  • Scan Technology: Laser
  • Decoding Capabilities: 1D
  • Supported Connectivity: Bluetooth.
  • Scan Range: Up to 21.4m
  • Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Android Tablet, Windows 
  • Brand: Zebra
  • SKU : CS3070-SR10007WW


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Zebra CS3070 Manual / Datasheet 

adobe-acrobat-reader.png Zebra CS3070 Brochure PDF

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