Zebra DS9808 Barcode Scanner Kit

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Zebra DS9808 Black/2D Corded/Barcode Scanner

What's In The Box
  • DS9208 Barcode Scanner
  • USB Cable

Next Generation Hybrid Presentation Imager

Zebra DS9808 features one of a kind hybrid form factor that provides superior comfort and ease of use. Grow the productivity and throughput at the checkout stand with the DS9808 corded scanner. From the outside it offer ground breaking one of a kind hybrid form factor that marries a solid base with advanced handheld ergonomics resulting in superior comfort. Inside it offers the latest scanning technology delivering record swipe speeds for 1D and 2D barcodes as well as the ability to capture images, signatures and read barcodes on mobile phone displays.  

Benefits of Zebra DS9808 scanner

Flexible scanning range: The standard range can scan up to 26.7cm away in handheld mode while the long range model can scan up to 45.7 cm away. Ideal when merchandise is too heavy or bulky to easily move out of the cart.
Omnidirectional Scanning- Wide working range. No need to align the item and scanner.
Comprehensive data capture- Capture 1D, 2D, images, signatures and more eliminating the need for multiple devices and their associate costs.

Zebra DS9808 Barcode Scanner Specifications

Drop Tolerance: 5.0ft./ 1.5m to concrete.
Scan Technology: Imager
Decoding Capabilities: 1D, 2D, Imager Capture, Signature Capture, PDF417 symbologies
Supported Connectivity: USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge.
Scan Range: Up to 26.7cm (Standard Range). Up to 45.7cm (Long Range)
Brand: Zebra



adobe-acrobat-reader.png Zebra DS9808 Brochure PDF

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