How barcode scanners can improve efficiency

Businesses that sell goods via a store will need to have the right equipment in order to successfully charge customers for their purchases. While it is essential to have a cash register, it is also important to use barcode scanners as these can seriously speed up the purchasing process. By using barcode scanners, you will find that employers working at the cash registers are able to quickly scan items and charge the customer before moving onto the next. If you are thinking about introducing barcode scanners into your business here are some reasons why they are such a great idea.

They can be inexpensive to buy, which is good news for smaller businesses who are looking to keep their costs down. The first scanners for barcodes that were introduced were quite expensive. However, today as technology has progressed, it is easy to find scanners that are very reasonably priced.

Barcode scanners can help to keep a running total of how many items are purchased each day. This will assist stock control which means that you will be able to save time when it comes to knowing how much new stock should be purchased. They are also useful for seeing if any new line of products are selling well as all of the information can be quickly accessed at the touch of a button.

They are easy to use. Most scanners are pre-configured are ready to use right out of the box. As the technology that is used in barcode scanners has been developed they are now so simple to operate and does not require any additional software to operate. Simply slide the item that is being scanned under the scanner, with the barcode facing upwards and the scanner will do the rest.

Barcode Scanner BenefitsScanners are available in many types. The most common types are USB corded scanners and portable, Bluetooth, wireless scanners. Wireless scanners are great for doing spot checks on prices or for using away from the cash register for items that are quite large and cannot fit through the fixed scanner. They are also very light and can be linked to your cash registers quickly and easily. If you own a warehouse, a portable scanner is a great consideration due to their ruggedness and extended scan ranges. The fixed USB scanners will work well at the cash register for smaller items where aggressive and quick scanning speed is vital.

Most of the barcode scanners that are around today are capable of scanning items from any angle which gives anyone who is using them even more convenience. They are also imagers which allows users to scan barcodes from digital screens such as mobile phone and laptops. They are a great way redeem e coupons, update customer loyalty cards, mobile payments and more. 

It is also possible to program these scanners so that they can read practically every kind of code that is available. With this in mind it is easy to integrate them into your existing business with the minimum of effort and fuss.

When using barcode scanners you will find that your pricing is more accurate as all items will be listed at their correct price. This can often be a problem when people are using the old-fashioned method of entering a price manually.

Barcode ScannerSome common applications of Barcode Scanners are:


  • Point of sale    
  • Loyalty Applications
  • Electronic Coupon redemption


  • Check-in/Check out
  • Ticketing-Concerts, Sport Events

Transportation and Logistics

  • Postal
  • Back of store shipping and receiving
  • Product tracking
  • Ticket processing (Paper/mobile, 1D/2D)
  • Gate/ business lounge check-in
  • Driver’s License parsing


  • Lottery and Gaming
  • Administration
  • Banking


  • Quality control
  • RFID
  • Warehouse

Shipping and receiving

  • Product tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Stocktake