Socket S700 1D mobile bluetooth barcode scanner (linear imager)

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Socket S700 Mobile 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (1D Barcode Linear Imager)

Socket S700 Benefits

  • 1D barcode scanner that works seamlessly with iOS and Android
  • Small, colourful and stylish
  • Scans barcodes from the screen of smartphones and mobile devices(iPhone, Android, iPads and more)
  • Connects with applications such as Square, Shopify, Vend and many more. 
Small, Bright, Lightweight, Colour Options -a wireless barcode reader for smartphones and tablets that’s small, portable and provides fast, industrial-class scanning performance. Blue, green, red, white and yellow colors enable style, corporate-branding for personalization and in easy to find in varying work environments.Socket 1D barcode scanner-small barcode scanner-bluetooth-compatible with ios, android, windows

Easy pairing- Easily connect to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, PDAs, notebooks and desktop computers. 

Socket S700 1D Barcode Scanner Australia

Application Integration  Vend, Square, Shopify and many more apps, include native support for Socket Mobile scannersIf your business is already using any of them, we highly recommend you to consider Socket S700 for seamless workflow. 

Long-Lasting, Replaceable Battery – Power to last over 9 hours

Certified by Apple® for iOS devices and also compatible with all Android and Windows devices and applications

Protective material- Made with antimicrobial material for protection against potentially harmful bacteria.

1-Year Warranty


Socket S700 Specs

  • Barcode Type: 1D
  • Scanner Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Scan Technology: Imager
  • Drop Tolerance: 3.3 ft. / 1m to concrete.
  • Scan Range: Up to 45 cm
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m
  • Operating System Compatibility : Android OS / Apple iOS( iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch) / Mac OS / Windows OS
  • Brand: Socket
  • SKU Blue CX3360-1682 / Green CX3395-1853 / Red CX3391-1849 / Yellow CX3393-1851 / White CX3397-1855

Socket S700 Applications 

    • Scanning for Retail: Point of Sale, Electronic Coupons, Inventory Management, Point of sale
    • Scanning for Hospitality: Check-in, Ticketing, Loyalty Cards
    • Scanning for Light manufacturing: Product Tracking, Component Tracking, Loyalty Cards
    • Scanning for Transportation and Logistics: Shipping and Receiving, Picking, Product Tracking, Ticketing
    • Scanning for Government: Lottery and gaming, Administration, Banking

Single package includes : 

Socket 1D barcode scanner small scanner new scanner best scanner

    • SocketScan S700 Scanner (1D Imager Barcode Scanner)
    • Charging Cable 
    • Wrist Strap

Socket S700 Manual / Datasheet

>  Socket Mobile S700 Brochure PDF

>  Socket Mobile S700 User guide PDF



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