Zebra LI2208 Scanner Kit

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Zebra LI2208 Corded/1D Barcode Imager Kit

The next generation in 1D Scanning

What's In The Box
  • Zebra LI2208 Scanner
  • USB Cable
  • Scanner Stand

If you are not after a usb scanner, click here for the Zebra LI4278 cordless scanner which has the same features as LI2208. 

Zebra LI2208 scanner delivers unparalleled performance every time on any surface whether you are scanning barcodes printed on traditional paper labels or electronic barcodes displayed on the screens. It provides the same reliability and ergonomics as Zebra’s most popular scanner LS2208, with enhanced features that let you scan different types of barcodes at a greater distance. With the LI2208 scanner, you can read mobile and electronic barcodes from mobile phones, tablets or computers. This scanner can capture barcodes at extreme angles, allowing for faster scan rates and increasing productivity for workers.

Zebra LI2208 Barcode Scanner Benefits

  • Captures 1D barcodes on any surface- Capture barcodes on paper or displayed on mobile phone, tablet or computer screens.
  • Compatible with 123 scan2 and scanner management service (SMS)- Dramatically reduces management time and cost from initial configuration to day today management.
  • Superior motion and angular tolerance- Barcodes can be captured fast, and there is no need to pause during scans.
    International keyboard support- Support over 90 international keyboards enabling easy deployment anywhere.
  • Flexible modes: handheld or hands free operation.
  • Superior out of the box experience- New smart auto host detect cables automatically distinguish which interface is attached reducing the need to scan multiple parameter barcodes.
  • Capture barcodes on any surface- Capture barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on screens.
  • Plug and Play- Universal cable connects to any computing environment, eliminating set up and training time.

Zebra LI2208 barcode scanner specifications

Drop Tolerance: survives 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete.
Scan Technology: Imager.
Decoding Capabilities: 1D.
Scan Range: Up to 76.2 cm.
Supported connectivity: USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, RS485.
Brand: Zebra


Retail & Hospitality: Point of sales, In store inventory Tracking
1D loyalty card processing, 1D paper coupon redemption


 adobe-acrobat-reader.png Zebra LI2208 Brochure PDF

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