Socket S700 Bluetooth Scanner

Select Scanner Colour: Blue


Socket S700 Mobile 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Ergonomic, Elegant and Rugged

What's In The Box
  • SocketScan S700 Scanner
  • Charging Cable
  • Wrist Strap 

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Built rough and tough for applications in warehouses, outdoor distribution and industrial manufacturing conditions, this Bluetooth wireless scanner's seal withstands dust, water splashes, and germs. However, its softer side still remains light and comfortable in working hands, as well as elegant for showcasing and use in boutique environments for high-end clientele.

SOCKET S700 Mobile Scanner Specifications

Small, Bright, Lightweight- a wireless barcode reader for smartphones and tablets that’s small, portable and provides fast, industrial-class scanning performance.
Easy pairing- Easily connect to Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, PDAs, notebooks and desktop computers.
Colour Options- Blue, green, red, white, yellow.
Protective material- Made with antimicrobial material for protection against potentially harmful bacteria.

Socket S700 Specifications

Drop Tolerance: 3.3 ft. / 1m to concrete.
Scan Technology: Imager
Decoding Capabilities: 1D
Supported Connectivity: Bluetooth
Scan Range: Up to 45 cm
Bluetooth Range: 10m
Brand: Socket


Retail: Point of Sale, Electronic Coupons, Inventory Management, Point of sale
Hospitality: Check-in, Ticketing, Loyalty Cards
Light manufacturing: Product Tracking, Component Tracking, Loyalty Cards
Transportation and Logistics: Shipping and Receiving, Picking, Product Tracking, Ticketing
Government: Lottery and gaming, Administration, Banking

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