Zebra DS3678-ER Rugged Scanner



Zebra DS3678-ER (Extended Scan Range) 2D Cordless Rugged Scanner

Unstoppable performance for extended range 1D/2D barcode capture.

What's In The Box
  • DS3678-ER Barcode Scanner
  • USB Cable (Charging cable)
  • Scanner Charging/Communication Cradle
  • Power Supply 

Check DS3678-SR
 for all the scanning requirements up to 1.5 meters 

DS3678-ER cordless imager delivers lightning-fast capture of any 1D or 2D barcode displayed on a screen or printed on a label in virtually any conditions, nearer and farther than any scanner in this class from 7.6 cm to as far as 21.4 m away. The Ultra-rugged design is practically indestructible.

Zebra DS3678-ER scanner benefits

Superior scanning range- The advanced imager reads 1D and 2D barcodes printed on a label up to 60 percent closer and 35 percent farther than similar models in this class, with an extraordinary scanning range from 3 in. to 70 ft. (7.6 cm to 21.4 m).
Faster pick-list processing- Users can easily select and capture an individual barcode from any picklist.
Great temperature ratings- DS3678-ER is built from the ground up to handle extreme cold. Their unique plastics, cables and components are designed to handle freezing temperatures.

Zebra DS3678-ER scanner Specifications

Drop Tolerance: 8.00 ft. / 2.4m to concrete.
Scan Technology: Imager
Decoding Capabilities: 1D, 2D 
Supported Connectivity: Bluetooth.
Scan Range: Up to 21.4 m
Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Android Tablet, Windows 
Brand: Zebra



adobe-acrobat-reader.png Zebra DS3678-ER Brochure PDF

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