5 ways to utilise a barcoding system in your retail store.

5 ways to utilise a barcoding system in your retail store.

 How to improve the sale of your retail shop? While some stores rapidly expand their business by opening the second and third stores, some stores simply cannot survive even if their inventory consists of great product lines and welcoming store interior. 

It all comes down to how to sell more than what to sell. Barcode-scanners.com.au explains 5 main ways you can implement a barcoding system to help improve sales and grow your business.

A fundamental factor that contributes to a business's success is when you have transparent visibility and control of your inventory. Maximise the most valuable asset of your business! 

Products and Employees

How can a Barcoding System help manage your most valuable assets and support to lead a successful store? Let’s have a look.

In terms of Products

1. Inventory Management  

With a barcoding system, you can keep track of what you have, how many items are in stock, where they are located – all at once, in real-time and accurately.

Impeccable inventory management opens the door for more sales. You will see your most profitable items, the most popular items among customers, and invest more in those. To make sure those items are always in stock, you can bulk order at a better price so that you can save up money. Withy insights on the highest converting and lowest converting items, you can efficiently manage the inventory.  

After the pandemic, “Click and Collect” seems to be more popular among customers. If you cannot track which items are ready for Click and Collect, you are harming your business reputation. Barcoding systems can make the process seamless and help run your business successfully even in this new normal life. 

 Outstanding inventory management will be directly reflected on the customer’s experience. Customers will enjoy a fast, accurate purchasing process, and you will earn their satisfaction and trust. Beyond Conversion, it will create a long term relationship with the customers engaging repeat orders and loyal customers. 

2. Omnichannel Fulfilment

 From traditional in-store sales to online orders through coupons/e-vouchers, there are so many different sales channels and platforms available now. The challenge is how to provide a hassle-free purchasing experience to the customer regardless of their physical location, what channels/platforms they use, and what devices they use. 

The barcoding system makes it possible. It enables you to lower your cost by knowing where your assets are at all times so you can deliver flawlessly every time. Whether you offer a click and collect (buy online and pick up at a store), strictly eCommerce, or have multiple bricks and mortar locations, our inventory management, picking, and fulfilment solutions allow you to deliver to your customer flawlessly.

3. Shipping & Receiving 

Online shopping has been supercharged by the pandemic. If your business runs via the website and takes online-orders, you need to manage to ship as well. Whether you use Auspost, TNT, Fastway, or any other courier, you will need to print shipping labels that include barcodes. You may also create your own, customised labels for the brand identity. Barcode and label printers along with label design software will make all these possible while providing an easier and accurate shipping process. 


In terms of Employees  

4. Staff enablement

 Imagine there are two pharmacies in your neighbourhood. And let’s say they sell the same kind of products, and the prices are similar. Which store would attract more customers? If your employees are friendly, confident and well-trained it makes the customer’s purchasing process easier and trustworthy, you will beat the other store for sure. 

 Then How to super-power your employees? How to make your employees confident and more productive at work? Work productivity comes from confidence. Confidence comes from Knowledge and experience. 

 How to boost your employees’ knowledge and experience? Barcoding system!

 For example, let’s talk about POS-Point of Sale. Literally, this is the Point, of Sale. Where customers make their purchases. With a better POS system, Employees know how to, where to, what to check confidently. This creates a fast and accurate workflow, leading to no waiting line for payment. Customers will remember your store with a satisfied and happy experience. This small but strong satisfaction will make your business successful!  

5. Customer self-scanning 

 You can also boost your customer’s experience directly with a barcoding system. Today’s savvy customers prefer doing everything they want on their phone. Self-service solutions allow you to empower your guests with integrated applications for in-store product locations, price checking, digital gift registries, and self-checkout kiosks. For example, if your customer can scan their own items with barcode scanners, they only have to pack their bags once and can checkout without a queue. It has proven particularly attractive for large basket shoppers and is shown to increase cart size. It increases the number of visits per month, making shoppers more loyal.

Allowing customers to do self-scanning will save staff time freeing them to do other tasks and reduces the number of traditional checkouts required. The latest mobile payment solutions promise to transform the payment process leading to even greater savings. 

Improving customer’s experience and earning their trust in your business is the key to make your business successful. The barcoding system will make it easier to get there. Today is the day for you to apply it to your business!